Exemption for Blindness:  To received a $3,000 assessment exemption, certification of blindness must be obtained from the State of CT, Dept of Human Resources, Board of Education and Services for the Blind. This certificate should be filed with the Assessor's office by October 1st.

Disability Exemption:  To receive a $1,000 assessment exemption, you must file an Application for Totally Disabled Tax Exemptiojn (D-1), along with proof of permanent total disability from the Social Security Administration by October 1.  The Physician's Certificate of Total and Permanent Disability Form can be used only when accepted proofs of disability from Social Security Administration, Veteran's Administration, or other governmental offices are not obtainable.

Veteran's Exemptions:  To qulaify for the basic Veteran's Exemption, a veteran must file an Honorable Discharge Form DD-214 (original or certified copy) with the Town Clerk before October 1 and have served during one or more Eligible Dates of War Period for Propety Tax Exemption CGS 12-81(19), although veterans receiving a disability through the Veteran's Administration who have filed a DD-214 qualify whether or not they served during the eligible dates.

Under PUblic Act 18-47, certain veterans who have received an Other than Honorable (OTH) discharge because of being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, or who have experienced military sexual trauma may qualify for a Veteran's Exemption by submitting a completed CT DVA OTH Form 1 and other required documentation.

Disabled veterans are eligible for an increased exemption and need to file a letter from the Veteran's Administration showing the rate of disability.  This is a one-time filing, unless the rate of disability changes.  Disabled veterans should notify the Assessor once they have reached the age of 65.

If you are presently receiving a Veteran's Exemption you may qualify for an additional exemption, provided by the CT State Statute CGS 12-81f.  To apply for this exemption, you must meet certain income limits. Application for Additonal Veteran's Benefits The filing period is February 1 through October 1 of any given year for the exemption on that October 1 Grand List.  Proof of all income for the preceding calendar year must be provided.  If you file an income tax return a copy must be provided with a copy of all 1009s.  If you receive Social Security benefits, a copy of your SSA 1099 must be provided.  Veteran's disability income is not considered.  If you are rated 100% disabled through the Veteran's Administration, Social Security benefits are also not considered.

Active Duty Military:  Any member of the armed forces who was in service in time of war and is still in the service and by reason of continuous service has not as yet received a discharge is eligible for the standard Veteran's Exemption.  Satisfactory evidence should be presented to the Assessor prior to October. 1.

One motor vehicle belonging to, leased to or held in trust for any memmber of the United States Armed Forces is exempt, if garaged inside or outside the state.  The Armed Forces Appilication for Motor Vehicle Property Tax Exemption CGS 12-81(53) must be filed with the Assessor no later than the 31st day of December following the date on which property tax is due in such assessment year.