Mailbox Placement & Right of Way


Mailboxes should be in good repair before the start of the winter season.  The Highway Department will only be responsible for damage done physically from the snowplow and not from the snow coming off of the plow.  Click here for the Federal requirements and instructions on where and how to place your mailbox. Mailboxes will be evaluated before the winter season begins to note any in disrepair that might become a potential hazard for the route driver.  YOU CAN HELP by inspecting your mailbox before the first flake falls.

Anything located in the town's Right of Way should be removed before the first snowfall.  This includes any sports equipment (portable basketball hoops, goals, nets, etc.), leaves, vehicles and any other items not allowed in the right of way.  The Town of Warren is not responsible for any damage from flying snow or plows resulting from unlawful items being in the right of way.