Marriage Licenses

If you are being married in Warren (this includes the Hopkins Inn and the Hopkins Vineyard) you must obtain your marriage license from this town hall. A photo ID is required. The license is good for 65 days and the cost is $50.  Both parties need to appear to sign the license though not necessarily at the same time. Divorce documents, birth certificates, etc. are not required. There is no waiting period and blood tests are not required. You may download the Marriage License Worksheet and complete it to bring with you. You will receive the license on the day you come in provided both parties are there to sign.

After the wedding your officiator is responsible for completing their portion and returning the license to the town clerk. Upon receipt certified copies may be issued at a cost of $20 per copy. A certified copy is also sent to your home town hall if you are a CT resident so you may obtain a copy there as well.