Plan of Conservation & Development Subcommittee

The Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) Subcommittee was formed by unanimous vote at the March 13, 2018 regular meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission.  The POCD was last updated March 10, 2009 with an effective date of April 9, 2009.  Per State Statute, towns are to revisit, prepare, and/or amend their POCD every ten years.  The Subcommittee will guide the P&Z’s efforts to update the Town of Warren POCD via twice-monthly subcommittee meetings and updates to the larger Planning & Zoning Commission at their monthly meetings, with the goal of a public hearing for adoption of the updated POCD prior to April 9, 2019.

Along the way, the subcommittee is looking forward to gaining input from all Town boards and commissions, Town volunteers, local conservation and civic groups, and all Town residents.  A public community issues forum is also planned as a way to gain additional input from the Town’s residents.


The Community Issues Forum is scheduled for Saturday evening, September 22, 2018.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Stacey Sefcik (860) 868-7881 ext. 117

Board Members

John Papp
Susan Bates
Howard Lethbridge
Kelly Tobin