Business Directory

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CategoryBusiness NameAddressContact Information
Auto RepairWarren Auto Repair24 N. Kent Rd

Peter Downs

Phone: 860-868-0429

Fax: 860-868-6843

Child CareWarren Church Community Childcare & Preschool4 Sackett Hill Rd

Sarah Churyk, Director

Phone: 860-868-2236

Fax: 860-868-1067

Christmas TreesWillow Bank Farm12 E. Greenwich Rd

James Richardson

Phone: 860-868-0809

Christmas Trees/Pumpkins/Country WeddingsAngevine Farm LLC40 Angevine Rd

Kathleen, John & Timothy Angevine

Phone: 860-868-7226

Fax: 860-868-9754

ChurchWarren Congregational Church4 Sackett Hill Rd

Pastor Gary Kitchin

Phone: 860-868-7106

Electrical ContractorHigh Wire Electric LLC218 Lake Rd

Derek Westfall

Phone: 860-977-2013

Electrical ContractorLow Voltage Solutions

43 Kent Rd


John Meeker

Phone: 860-868-2288

Firearms & AccessoriesWarren Trading Company14 Brick School Rd

Theodore A Seavey

Phone: 860-868-7848

Fax: 860-868-5099

General Contractor/BuildingDeLayo Construction LLC324 Brick School Rd

Robert DeLayo

Phone: 860-868-1777

Fax: 860-868-7284

Glass/Shower DoorsAnderson Glassworks LLC26 Kent Rd/Rte 341

Jonathan Anderson

Phone: 860-868-0110

Fax: 860-619-8134

General Contractor/StoneworkWilson Construction71 Brick School Rd

Craig Wilson

Phone: 860-868-9407

Heirloom Apples & OrchardsMontgomery Gardens LLC45 Kent Rd/CR 341

Peter Montgomery

Phone: 860-619-8028

Landscaping/LawncareD & J Lawn Care157 Town Hill Rd

Kevin Drake

Phone: 860-307-3060


Landscaping/LawncareGreystone Lawn Care LLC31 Windy Ridge Rd

Andy Carollo


Landscaping/Property MaintenanceOhmen Property Maintenance60 Sunset Lake Rd

Brian Ohmen

Phone: 860-868-1236

Cell: 860-671-0939

Livery/TransportationLItchfield County LIvery LLC43 Sunset Lake Rd

Justin Fischer

Phone: 860-601-9143



Hopkins Inn on Lake Waramaug22 Hopkins Rd

Beth Schober

Phone: 860-868-7295

Fax: 860-868-9248

PaintingClassic Painting LLC220 Kent Rd

Henk Dalmeyer

Phone: 860-355-0033

Swimming Pool Construction/Service & StoreDenscot Pool & Spa269 New Milford Turnpike, New Preston

Scott Meeker

Phone: 860-868-7535

Fax: 860-868-7530

Tree ServiceArbor Services of CT Inc

PO Box 363

Washington Depot, CT 06794

Bill & Joslyn Pollock

Phone: 860-868-1930

Fax: 860-868-1940



Vineyard & WineryHopkins Vineyard LLC25 Hopkins Rd

Hilary Criollo

Phone: 860-868-7954

Fax: 860-868-1768

WoodworkingJeffrey Haxo Woodworking191 Melius Rd

Jeffrey Haxo

Phone: 860-318-5591

Fax: 860-868-3806